Jack is an incredibly talented designer. I have worked with him in the past at Insight Enterprises and now, several years later, I am working with him for freelance support for CheapAir.com. He is easy to work with, a great communicator and generates fabulous ideas. I’ve worked closely with Jack on traditional print projects as well as custom illustrations to promote our brand. Everyone is impressed, time and time again.

Joanna Furlong | Strategic Marketing Professional & Freelance Writer

Jack was chosen from three companies to develop a new branding image for our church. Jack did an excellent job for us in working through multiple design changes. This was no easy task as working with committees can be very challenging. Jack was a true professional throughout the process and we continue to use our new branding 3 years later.

Wayne Heus | Wellspring Promotions, Principal

Jack is an extremely talented and dedicated designer who is committed to providing exactly what the client wants. I don't know of anyone who works harder, striving to grow constantly. During the time we worked together, Jack's design work was always creative, impeccably executed, and right on target. I can recommend him without reservation.

Erik Swanson | Art Director

Jack is a talented designer and terrific illustrator. He's smart, enthusiastic and always ready for a new challenge. Jack constantly seeks ways to increase his knowledge in order to benefit the organization. I really enjoyed having Jack on my team.

Reginald Foxworth | Principal Consultant, Creative Director at Fenway Group

As a graphic designer, Jack's understanding of business goals and brand identity always lead to more effective marketing. He has a proven ability to deliver results through his experience in design and illustration. Jack consistently produces high-quality work in a high-volume Fortune 500 environment. As Jack's peer, I would describe him as both proactive and supportive. I would recommend Jack to anyone looking for a dedicated designer with superior brand development skills.

Ted Goas | Designer/Developer at Canfield Scientific

Jack's ability to simultaneously manage many projects, while maintaining the highest level of creativity and attention to detail, is why I would recommend him for any position. Jack's ability to comprehend the unique needs of niche markets, and creatively leverage design to convey complex value propositions, was vital to the successful launch of our 2007 Public Safety Direct Marketing campaign. Beyond the new clients this campaign generated, Jack further improved our ROI from a printing cost perspective by developing a new process for producing mailers with regionally customized content—a process we still use today.

Kevin Marks | Public Sector Services, SLED Field Manager at Cisco Systems

I had the opportunity to work with Jackrit while at Insight Canada. As a member of our US marketing/graphics design team, Jackrit consistently offered his support when developing both print and web tools and documentation. Always eager to help, Jackrit continued to assist once I joined the European team, despite the fact that we no longer worked within the same group. By willingly sharing his technical knowledge and marketing expertise-and by taking the time to coach as needed-he allowed us to complete several projects with great success and ahead of schedule. Because of his wonderful response time and "team leader" abilities, Jackrit also became a reference when looking for resources and previously developed tools-and when looking for expertise on best practices. I believe Jackrit would make a positive addition to any team.

Jennifer Centeno | Lecturer and Project Coordinator in Business Ethics and HRM

Jackrit and I worked together for several years at SpinSix. Jackrit is a detail-oriented designer with a strong work ethic. His technical abilities are above par and superior to many designers I have worked with. Jackrit would be an asset to any company, as a designer Jackrit is the whole package with talent, reliability and team spirit.

Shelly Schadowsky | CEO & Author with Goodlife Guide