At the tender age of three, my artistic talents began to show in the form of crayon graffiti down the length of my hallway. Those two-foot tall murals were only the beginning of my life-long passion for art and design. Since graduating from the Industrial Design program at the University of Illinois in 1997, I have been employed at illustration studio, a strategic marketing firm, a marketing department of a Global Fortune 500 company and as a self-employed designer. As a result, I've accumulated over 16 years of professional illustration and graphic design experience.

Every project brings their own challenges. And every project requires me to put together a design or illustration that not only looks beautiful but also effectively communicates a message. In hiring me, you'll discover a designer who possesses tremendous passion, talent, skills and experience necessary to be a valued partner in the development of your logo or to meet your branding needs in print or digital media.

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